Bureaux inSpace

… where before what…

Every thought, question and drawing starts with understanding the site, its surroundings, needs and local logics, in both micro and macro physics, cultural, economic, environmental and social contexts. Architecture became in this way, a process of maximizing opportunities.

Every site is unique, marked by innumerable differences; therefore, every project is unique, giving a new opportunity to rethink and re-understand the strength of an urban and architecture process as a whole.

inSpace study main topics:

  • Notions of space and place appropriation are constantly debated in multiple scales, from the territory landscape to the intimacy of a room.
  • Energy and environmental questions are intrinsic concerns; they are automatically applied from first sketches through the principals of well orientated spaces, sensitivity to light and shadow, built up volume relations, limitations of energy consumption, materials in both traditional and high-tech compositions, constructive methods between low and high technologies.

inSpace do not aim on producing isolated icons but participates on the revision of the built up environment time evolution, as urban or geographic dialogues, sometimes visible, some other times, imperceptible.

inSpace was formalized in 2006 following the attribution of the NAJA prize. In 2010 inSpace is nominated to the Moniteur first built project price with the project of a 7 housing units’ building in Paris. In 2014 inSpace received the PAD SILVER PRICE award in New York for the 41 housing units’ project in Rouen.

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