Offices at Paris XIII , France

Program: Offices
Promoter  : Kaufmann & Braud
Area: 14000 sqm
Phase: PRO-DCE
Year: 2021

In front of Gare d’Austerlitz Paris Train Station on its North-East courtyard and on a South-West garden, the building acts as an in-between multiple situations. The challenge of this « in-between » structure consists in the creation of a connected volume, and not only a transition façade – a continuous element ensuring dialogue in the sequency of embedded volumes.

The volumetric design follows the game of folding surfaces to create volumes. In a back-an-forth game, the façade surface becomes a volume that highlights its neighbors in their meeting points.

On the garden side, the volume answers to the front façade with the same motions. Both sides are synchronized, drawing a regular floor plan from the lowest to the highest level.

Vertical elements compose the façades – anodized perforated aluminum sheet sun-shadings, varying from a light gold to a deeper brown gold shade. These color variation match the folds of the different level floors, creating a visual subscale with a back-and-forth movement, like the speed marks of trains in a landscape.

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