120 housings and business facilities, Aulnay sous Bois, France at

Program: 120 housings and business facilities
Area: 9400 sqm
Budget: 14M Phase: Planning permission
Year: 2013 – 2016

The project affirms a strong urban status of identity.

Three architectural elements stand out from each other’s: the base, the main body and the attic.

The base is made with perforated planes, maintaining a transparency toward the indoor spaces in order to produce an animated urban experience and to bring light to the ground floor. A variable density is settled to create privacy and control on views from the outside into the service spaces. This materiality allows the implantation of the ground floor into its context and ensures its sustainability. The business facility façade in front of the new square will be punctuated by glazings with aluminum carpeting’s and translucid perforated plane elements.

The main body, which is composed with three levels, stands out from the base by a difference of material and façade composition. These volumes will be covered with white coating, while the loggias will be coated with a reflecting dark grey such as a play board. The first and smaller building will have inverted colors and appears as the exception of the set.

The attic will have vertical timber cladding façades on the side of the street, and will follow the same pattern than the main body façades on the garden side.

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