16 collective housing, at Bourg-la-Reine, France

Program: 16 collective housing
Client: Insitu Promotion
Area: 1200 sqm
Phase: Planning permission
Year: 2021

The aim of the project is to reveal the historical plots of lands of the city of Bourg-La-Reine. Therefore, the project results in one building composed by the drawing of four plots.

Instead of drawing a building of 30 meters in length, likely to crash the nearby house scale, the project consists in a division of this length in four elements of proportioned width, aligned to the street and to the adjacent constructions, in order to reach a moderating scale between the several existing sets.

The volume of each element follows this same geometrical pattern with loggias, terraces and protrusions. The whole set is punctuated with subtle variations of rhythms, with openings and various sharp joined bricks shades.


The project benefits from two identities: the one of a unique building and the one of four individual parts, thus creating an urban sequence and a street composition affirming the historical land plots.

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