Bogotá City Hall Extension at Bogota, Colombie

Architectes : inSpace + Schneider Arquitectos & Sérgio Aguia
Program: Bogotá City Hall Extension
Client: Bogotá City
Area: 15000 sqm
Phase: Finalist
Year: 2006

The project is defined by two interior open-air spaces:
a Courtyard – transition space between the Bolivar Square and the new dependencies of Bogotá City Hall with its scales and function related to the historic central courtyard typology.
a Garden – large dimension free and opened space that respects the existing vegetation and creates a green heart for the working surroundings.

A first building is conceived in direct relation to the existing municipal palace, composing a unique volumetric urban unit in dialogue with Bogotá city hall history and its present days. A second building reshapes the urban block limits and readjusts the heights of the immediate context and historic center scale.

The exterior façades’ drawing answers to the different windows scale of the context. The interior glass façade is presented uniform, reflecting and mirroring the garden into new dimensions.

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