Touristic complex at Gaia, Portugal

Program: 143 housings, halls, multi-purpose rooms, 100 vacancies restaurant, medical intern center, wellbeing space, outdoor natural biological swimming pool, 25m length indoor swimming pool, services, parking
Client: Groupe Maison de famille
Area: 14900 sqm
Budget: 2.5M Phase: Competition, Second prize
Year: 2014

The volumetric implantation of the Hotel is the result of a reflection on an adjacent scale about urban life places, sunlight optimization, views, visual comfort and inhabitant’s privacy. Therefore, two volumes reduce the scale of the demand in order to respect the length pattern of the neighbor parcels.

The void between the two blocks is inhabited with a spatial continuity of the public spaces over the building, and an existing rear space, eliminating closed boundaries. The composition of these volumes leads to the discovery of the shared space.

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