8 houses at Casal de São Martinho at Sintra, Portugal

Program: 8 houses, Sintra, Portugal
Client: Espirito Santo Property
Promoter  : Quadrante Engenharia
Area: 12000 sqm
Budget: 2,5M Phase: En étude
Year: 2017

In a large area of vegetation, a climbing path creates a walkway home. Edged by an alley of high trees and wide views, all along the boundary of the land, the way home is ascending, allowing the progressive discovery of the house.

The house takes the form of an angle of two embedded volumes of similar geometries, with a filtered skin of timber rods forest appearing in the middle of the trees. This angle forms a spatial distribution dispatching the social life in one direction, and the private life in the other, through a central entrance on its axis.

From the inside, the house opens towards all four cardinal points, creating close and distant views, or views on protected but opened private terraces/patios.

Several environmental questions are pointed through the resorted materials, the orientation and solar exposure, a clear scheme of natural ventilation, the acceptation of existing ground without leveling or grading, shared patterns, and a natural biologic pool.

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