Multigenerational housing state at Gland, Switzerland

Program: Housing for elderly persons, housing for young couples, a medical center, a kindergarten, a multipurpose room and a kitchen
Client: Ville de Gland, Switzerland
Area: 2560 sqm
Phase: Competition
Year: 2020

Designed around a multi-generational program, the building is suitable for occupants of all ages.

The concept of the project is founded on the common themes and patterns of everyday life, the social experiences and also the desire for intimacy. These were reached through the creation of different spaces that shape a volume which connects a variety of users of different ages.

This building is designed as a lively place, multifunctional and with a diverse character. Its composition is based on creating visual connections with the public space while also maintaining individual privacy.

In the heart of the building stands an animated courtyard that brings light and air circulation. The circulations and communal spaces of collective life are organized around this central space. Other communal spaces punctuate the different floors, creating specific social dynamics. The vegetable garden is another communal space, a garden for all, a place of sharing and of collective living.

The public program of the project (nursery, multipurpose room and medical center) is located on the ground floor and opens onto the field to the southeast. Each activity has independent access, well located in relation to the city.

The design incorporates a high environmental quality. Apart from the quality of materials and natural ventilation of dwellings, it incorporates energy recovery devices, solar panels for hot water producing and rainwater harvesting for watering plantations.

The project proposes a micro-life belonging to those who live there, who visit it and make it exist.

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