29 Social Housing at Lyon Confluence, France

Program: 29 Social Housing, Lyon Confluence, France
Client: OPAC of Rhône
Area: 2120 sqm
Budget: 2,6M Phase: Competition 2nd prize
Year: 2012

The building is formed by three moments: the starting base, the rising volumes, and in between, a rest.

The base was treated in order to be unified with the buildings business facilities, projected from the neighbor parcel by its coating treatment (material, patterns, filter, neutral colors)

The rising volume is treated like a unique rise. The rise shows a volume divided by orientation and solar exposure, but also the desire to create a volume apart from the base. The volume is carved and covered with materials and textures of several densities, in a champagne color shade, and filter the light to protect the private life.

We added a shadow gap between the two volumes, willingly simple and undrawn.


The volume which resulted of the respect of the urban jig, was divided on both its south façades, creating hollow spaces, protected from solar exposure, implying generous openings for a maximum of sunshine. On the other side, the volume was left intact on both its north façades, with measured perforations, to avoid the lesser heat loss

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