Multi-purpose hall at Mâcon, France

Architectes : inSpace + Chaix et Morel et associès
Program: Multi-purpose hall
Client: Mâcon City
Area: 6800 sqm
Budget: 6M Phase: Delivered
Year: 2012

The project is set up on the orthogonal structure of the Exhibition site, which regulates the whole site, and is guided through research for the minimal, the most synthetic and pragmatic attitude in order to find most economical volume.

The volume is reduced into three stratums which integrate with only one gesture the various volumes with light horizontal deviation. These three “stratums” are covered with perforated metal sheets allowing to perceive in a filtered view the various paint colors of the concrete walls in the background.

The hall offers a great flexibility through diverse possible installations and have a variable capacity from 1.000 to 6000 places.

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