Kindergarten at Palma de Mallorca, Espagne

Architectes : inSpace + Adam Bugajski
Program: Kindergarten
Client: EMOP S.A.
Area: 900 sqm
Budget: 1,5M Phase: Competition (2nd prize)
Year: 2011

The kindergarten was designed to be an ideal place for children, tutors and parents. This required taking account of the daily uses of each space and everyday timetable. Our first goal was for that project to be in perfect harmony with the immediate surroundings, neighbours, traffic and existing nature.

The project presents a compact geometric element which organizes itself through its function and the seeking of natural light. The project takes the form of a thick roof that extrudes itself in order to capture light. In addition to the work of each façade openings, several capture light volumes are implanted on the roof – two patios that bring light in fresh spaces of the ground level and simple openings of the roof. All together they create a game of lights and colours for the wellbeing of every user in its daily appropriation of the built space.

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