Santiago Ydanez Contemporain Art Museum at Puente de Génave, Spain

Program: Contemporain Art Museum
Client: Ayuntamiento de Puente Génave
Area: 1700 sqm
Budget: 3M Phase: Competition
Year: 2010

The chosen site for the new Santiago Ydáñez museum matches our intention to increase the attractivity of downtown Puente de Génave.

Located between the old urban zone and the new BIA Vicariate, the museum is a point of visual articulation and a symbolic link between the two parts of the city. Like a jewel set in a landscape of exceptional beauty which can be enjoyed through its woven facades, it also appears as a point of reference considered as the focal point of two paths of different scales.

The new pedestrian route to the new museum is “a way of outdoor art”, an umbilical cord between the people and the cultural heart of the city. This project reinforces the municipal policy to ease public access to culture and to promote it to a national and international level, through an attractive, opened and iconic cultural institution.

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