SIP Head Quarter offices at Poitiers, France

Architectes : inSpace + Lancereau et Meyniel Architectes
Program: SIP Head Quarter offices
Client: SIP - Société Immobilière de la Ville de Poitiers
Area: 1000 sqm
Budget: 1,5M Phase: Restricted competition, 2nd prize
Year: 2007

The posture of this project stands on the site urban structuring lines – built mass, grounds, pathways and axes – in order to draw up the guide lines that compose the project. The result is an extremely simple volume that articulates the different pedestrian pathways directions in its center.

To animate the simplicity and regularity of the proposed quiet form, a detailed approach to the composition of the façades has led us to design a great diversity of dimensions and positions of each façade plan. The composition plays with the random localization of elements, windows and its folding metal shutters and photovoltaic solar panels. Each element is connected to its neighbor through a metallic sheet to compose a large entity.

Indeed, a whole progressive ‘game’ is established between the opacity of the brick wall (solid and thick) and the quasi holographic reflexivity of the metallic photovoltaic panels and reflective transparency of the openings, filtered by its metallic reflexive solar protections.

The project reflects an image of precision, of technological excellence and high performance of each material without ostentation or formal exaggeration.

The development of this project expresses the research of simplicity and site respect, where borders are preserved, where no tree had to be cut down, and where the buildings take their place into the existing urban and architectural life.

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