7 Apartments and a work space at Paris XVII, France

Program: 7 Apartments and a work space
Client: Foncière Logement
Area: 960 sqm
Budget: 2,2M Phase: Delivered
Year: 2010

The project takes place in an area of scarce green spaces, and is therefore designed in parallel with a garden brought in relation to the apartments and to the street.

The visual permeability from the street into the green space allows the anonymous pedestrian to discover punctually the heart of the urban block – a green space, a garden, a common life and a children playground. At the same time, instead of creating a border the garden becomes an area of transition between the public life of the street, the common space of the inhabitants, and the privacy of each apartment.

The two buildings that surround our site have very different heights. The project has been designed as a volumetric transition building between them. To that end, we played with three volumes of different heights, as a reminiscence of the game of chimneys of the existing buildings all around our site.

The project consists of intersecting volumes shaping several terraces with view over the garden.

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