30 collective housing et 11 individual houses at Rouen, France

Program: 31 collective housing et 11 individual houses, collective garden and parking
Client: Foncière Logement
Promoter  : Millery Immobilier
Area: 4500 sqm
Budget: 8M Phase: Delivered
Year: 2013

Grammont neighborhood, in Rouen, is a sector undergoing significant transformations.

For this project, which lays in a “green” site, the intention was to create a set of heights on green and wooden horizontal areas: the central garden, the terraces and the houses’ roofs. This set of different heights helped to shape a low volume, on the south-west of the parcel, with 11 individual dwellings.

In the North-East stand the 31 apartments blocks on 5 levels buildings. The overall volume of the project allows constant natural light into the central common garden, and collective housing façades.

Each house and each apartment is double-oriented, allowing constant natural lightning and offering two different views over the surrounding context.

The whole project is set on a platform 1.30m higher than the street, in order to generate intimacy to the private terraces and ground floor houses

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