Residential complex with gym and spa at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Program: 27-storey residential tower with gym and spa
Area: 56248 sqm
Phase: Building permits (full mission)
Year: 2024

The Torre Plata project is located in the Dominican Republic, in the National District of Santo Domingo.

The context in which it is located is one of multi-family residential and commercial use, an area undergoing a transformation in terms of urban densification.

The plot is partially built with a rough concrete structure spread over 5 levels. The project will integrate this existing structure with a few modifications to create the Torre Plata.

The programmatic destination of the Torre Plata project is mixed:

Mainly multi-family dwellings with shared service areas, including rooms for various activities and a vast, partially planted outdoor area featuring an infinity pool, children’s play areas and a relaxation zone.
Creation of a private sports center, including the following services:
Day care center / sports store / bar / restaurant / terrace with gardens / indoor climbing area / spa including: extensive outdoor areas / green spaces for rest and meditation, outdoor pool, as well as saunas, Jacuzzis and massage areas / modern gym with rooms for combat sports, martial arts, spinning, weight training, aerobics and yoga complete the program.

Underground parking areas.
Technical areas for the entire complex.

The breakdown of the program is as follows:

3 basement levels: parking lots
1 semi-basement level: parking and equipment rooms

Superstructure :
3 levels: entrance hall and sports center
24 levels: housing

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