14 social housings and a Protection center for childhood at Paris X, France

Program: 14 social housings and a Protection center for childhood
Client: SIEMP
Area: 1400 sqm
Budget: 2,4 M Phase: Delivered
Year: 2015

The placement of the building on the site reveals our intention to implement a project of two scales – that of the street and that of the heart of the island. We developed this duality at different levels in the project. We favored the dispersion of the heart of the island to provide a maximum amount of natural light deep in the plan but also to adhere to the organization of the existing suburban fabric. Thus our project consists of a building on Boulevard de la Villette, whose ground floor extends to the back of the site and which is organized around two small planted gardens.

The treatment of the façades was designed to create two different atmospheres. At Boulevard de la Villette the smooth facade of our building contrasts with the adjacent façades on the street. Yet the desire to maintain a harmonious relationship with them led us to borrow some formal elements. The reinterpretation of the horizontal ledges is an important element of our façade composition – an opaline glass cladding with a horizontal metallic beading – which reflects the trees of the boulevard. The scale of the volume at the rear of the site is of a smaller domestic scale in a world of vegetation, protected from the hustle and bustle of the street by the main building overlooking the boulevard. This building is clad in timber which adds to the soft natural environment of the garden making it visually pleasing for the habitants.

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