Tennis Club at Södra, Suede

Program: Tennis training center, 3 indoor fields, 2 outdoor fields, restaurant, offices, gym, locker rooms
Client: Södra Wood Company
Area: 4000 sqm
Phase: Competition (Honorable Mention)
Year: 2009

The main idea of this project is to create two volumes, intimately linked, but with proper identities. The first volume is composed with wood panels, carved parallelepipeds, creating voids to settle a reception area for public and services. The second volume, which hosts the tennis classes, was designed to allow maximum sunlight in, in daytime, and to create shadow games at night. A wooden structure composed with a fractal system is covered by the roof and by a translucid membrane in façade. The third façade is composed with glazing and opens on the nearby lake forest. The last of the façades of this volume creates the link with the first one, binding the two spaces with a void, this « in between » space allows access to the players and offers an upper space to the visitors to attend the games.

On an urban scale, the project participates to the city development thanks to its strategical locations in relation to existing environment and to future wooden buildings: the Sodra wood factory and the firm offices. The project creates then a whole dynamic thanks to a new cycle and walking lane through a green space between the tennis center and the parking.

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